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About Perennial

Sara Bonham is a scientist and entrepreneur who co-founded Perennial, a California-based food-tech company dedicated to using the endless possibilities of plants to unlock the keys to better aging. The brand’s inaugural product is a nutrient dense plant-based beverage, launched in Spring of 2019, and reimagines adult nutrition.

Why You Should Listen

In this conversation, Sara and I talk about

  • Her background as a pre-med student and how and why she decided to get involved in the food industry.

  • How her early experiments replicating dairy milk forth using plants led her to better understand the gaps in functionality, taste and texture of existing products, as well as a gap in the market when it came to addressing the needs of healthy aging.

  • Why she thinks what she is working on is food tech 2.0 and why we need to go beyond replicating meat, dairy, and eggs and create products that are not just replacements, but also improvements.

  • Why the adult nutrition market is in desperate need for innovation and how Perennial is designed to offer consumers in this segment a nutritionally superior product that tastes great.

  • Perennial’s formulation and the health benefits it offers and how it can be consumed to maximize its effects

  • …and much more!

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