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About Ryan Bethencourt

Ryan is a co-founder and CEO at Wild Earth, bringing years of experience in leading, building and advising high-growth food and biotechnology companies. Ryan is a biotech entrepreneur, investor, and one of the founders of the biohacker movement. He’s a co-founder, former Program Director, and Venture Partner at IndieBio and has invested in over 70 early stage biotech startups and served as the head of life sciences at the XPRIZE Foundation. As an ethical vegan, Ryan is passionate about the future of biology as a technology, applied across all industries to solve some of humanity’s most intractable problems. Ryan fosters dogs for Rocket Dog Rescue and is passionate about mindfulness, meditation, and mentoring. His work at the interface of science, food, and business has been covered by many major publications.

Why You Should Listen

In this fascinating conversation, Ryan and I get into:

  • His background in biotech and he explains how he got involved in the accelerator space.

  • His journey with IndieBio and he shares personal anecdotes about his interactions with Mark Post and Uma Valetti, some of the pioneers in the clean meat space.

  • His new company Wild Earth and how he is using fungi to create a meaty, nutritious pet food.

This is one of the most information packed and fun interviews I have done to date. To learn more about Ryan’s incredible achievements and his plans for the future, listen in!

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