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About Michael Kuech and Kristel De Groot

Kristen and Michael are co-founders of Your Super, a next-gen industry leader in plant-based living. They sell products that have the nutritional power of fresh produce and the convenience of supplements.

The company was founded when Michael was playing tennis at the semi-pro level, and was diagnosed with cancer at age 24. He educated himself on cancer causes and prevention, resulting in a strict plant-based diet. Kristel made superfood mixes to assist in his recovery, and he experienced a dramatic shift in health, clarity and energy levels The two created Your Super, a direct to consumer company in Berlin. The customer base quickly diversified worldwide to include an outpost in Venice, California. Your Super recently raised $5 million in Series A funding in the US.

Why You Should Listen

Your Super’s story is another unique example of how people arrive at food entrepreneurship in the plant-based space via many different paths. In this conversation we get into:

  • How Michael and Kristel were able to take their passion for plant-based living and create a global direct to consumer brand around it.

  • How Your Super and their superfood mixes help kick-start people’s health journey in parts of the U.S. where healthy food may not be so abundantly available. 

  • What makes their superfood mixes high quality and their commitment to transparency in sourcing ingredients and caring about the communities they come from.

  • The healthy eating mission that drives Michael and Kristel, and their journey as first time entrepreneurs.

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