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About Victoria Moran

Victoria Moran is a renowned author, speaker, vegan lifestyle coach and educator, and the host of the popular podcast, Main Street Vegan.

Why You Should Listen

Victoria has been vegan for over three decades and has dedicated her career to helping people eat plant-based themselves and remove cruelty from every aspect of their lives. But she does much much more than tell people why they should go vegan and how to do it.

In this candid conversation, Victoria and I discuss:

  • The Main Street Vegan Academy program, which works to train and certify Vegan Lifestyle Coaches and Educators

  • Success stories of people from all across the world who have come through the program and learned to take their passion into thriving careers.

  • How anyone can use the skills that they’ve learned – be it in economics, fashion, writing, or anything else – and apply that knowledge to further their animal advocacy.

  • The role that spirituality plays in creating a more compassionate world and Victoria shares plans she has for an upcoming film that is sure to flip our social relationship with animals on its head.

I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation with Victoria and get more inspired every time I speak with her. I certainly hope you get as much from this conversation as I did!

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