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About Suzy Amis Cameron

Suzy Amis Cameron is a noted environmental advocate, former actor and model, and mother of five. In addition to founding MUSE School with her sister Rebecca Amis, she has founded a number of environmental organizations, including Cameron Family Farms (together with her husband, director James Cameron), Plant Power Task Force, Food Forest Organics, and Red Carpet Green Dress.

Why You Should Listen

Suzy has been involved in environmental causes for a long time now. As a mother, she got concerened  about toxins and took every effort to ensure that her family only ever used natural products. She thought she was doing a great job balancing her family’s health with that of the environment, until she saw Forks Over Knives. That changed her worldview and set her and her husband filmmaker, James Cameron down a path to becoming an advocate for a plant-based diet.

In this conversation we cover:

  • One Meal a Day for the Planet (or OMD), the movement Suzy founded that is a multi-pronged effort to transform eating habits and the food system, and her new book titled OMD: The Simple, Plant-Based Program to Save Your Health, Save Your Waistline, and Save the Planet.

  • Her work with the MUSE school, the first school to serve plant-based meals at lunch in the U.S, and how she plans to take it global.

  • Why she and James founded the largest organic pea protein fractionation facility in the world and their plans to make plant-based food lines.

Suzy is doing incredible things to educate people about the positive impact of a plant-based diet, to hear more about her upcoming initiatives, listen in!

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