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About Spero Foods

Phaedra Randolph is the founder and CEO of Spero Foods, a company that produces plant-based dairy and egg products that are optimized to maximize flavor, sustainability, and nutrition—while minimizing cost and eliminating harmful ingredients.

Why You Should Listen

In this conversation, Phaedra Randolph and I discuss:

  • her background and how she healed herself with a plant-based diet;

  • the limitations she sees with products in the dairy and egg replacement categories;

  • why the key ingredient in Spero’s cheeses are seeds, not nuts or oils;

  • how she formulated her products to be great tasting, but also packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants;

  • why it is important to focus on products that are nutrient-dense, and use minimally refined ingredients;

  • how she managed to navigate her way in the food industry after working in software and technology and how she overcame the challenges she faced;

  • ….and much more!

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