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About Scott Giambastiani

Scott is a Bay Area native, who worked in restaurants including The Lark Creek Inn, The Dining Room at the Ritz Carlton San Francisco, and Viognier under top Chefs including Bradley Ogden, Gary Danko, and Sylvain Portay before coming to Google in 2006 to replace Google’s first Chef (Charlie).

Scott aided in growing the Bay Area Google team from just a handful of cafes in the early 2000s as Executive Chef in the operation to his current role as Global Program Chef and Operations Manager, which includes managing a team that oversees global Catering, Food Spots, Risk, Teaching Kitchens.

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As the Global Program Chef at Google, Scott Giambastiani is in charge of feeding some of the most brilliant people in the world. Feeding 117,000 individuals daily is a challenge in and of itself, but Scott is also tasked with making the cafeterias and dining experiences in all of Google’s offices as nutritious and sustainable as possible.

In this conversation, Scott shares how Google is pioneering the concept of plant-forward dining, engineering their cafeterias to maximize the amount of fruits, vegetables, and whole foods Googlers consume. This comes down to working with chefs to create interesting, bold flavors for vegetable dishes and even designing dining areas to steer people towards making healthier and more sustainable food choices.

If you work in food service or run a restaurant or are looking to understand what drives people to make better food choices without them realizing they are even doing that, there’s a lot you’ll love about this interview.

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