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About Ravi DeRossi

Ravi began his career traveling around the world as an artist and painter, before returning to his native New York City and has been taking the nightlife world by storm ever since. At the age of 30, his entrepreneurial journey began, eventually leading to the creation of a mini-empire of world-renowned cocktail lounges and bars. Named one of Wine Enthusiast’s Tastemakers of the year, it is no doubt that he is the man behind several of New York City’s favorite bars.

A vegetarian-turned-vegan himself, Ravi holds a deep affection for all animals and has been an outspoken voice on animal rights issues. His nonprofit BEAST Foundation and shift to plant-based ventures has warranted both local and national applause, receiving an award from PETA for his efforts. 

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In this interview, Ravi shares exclusive news about his plans to open a series of new vegan concept restaurants in New York, including a 24-hour vegan diner and a sub-sandwich shop, as well as his efforts to expand his existing brands into cities across the U.S.

In this engaging and unique conversation, we chat about what it takes to be an entrepreneur in the food space and Ravi shares his bold vision for the future. Thanks to his background as an artist, Ravi has a distinct and creative take on the food world. More than just seeing ideas for food or cocktails, Ravi sees how his offerings impact animals and the environment and he wants to transform the way people relate to their meals with aesthetically stunning and delicious experiences.

For him, vegetables are the new canvas for food experiences  – to hear more about how he plans to make that happen via restaurants and other food products, listen in.

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