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About Peggy Neu

Peggy Neu is president of the Monday Campaigns, the nonprofit public health organization behind the global Meatless Monday movement. The initiative was founded by Sid Lerner in 2003 in association with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to reduce meat consumption to improve people’s health and the health of the planet. Since its inception, home-grown versions of Meatless Monday have spread to over 40 countries in 22 languages, demonstrating the universal appeal of an idea that’s simple to understand and easy to do.Peggy joined the Monday Campaigns in 2008 after a career at Grey Worldwide, one of the world’s largest communications firms. She is passionately committed to bringing marketing best practices to the challenges of public health.

Why You Should Listen

In this engaging conversation we get into:

  • Meatless Monday’s strategy for success.

  • How the organization has been able to get this initiative into schools, businesses, local governments, and countries all across the world.

  • Insight into the simple power of the campaign and what they have done to make their approach to meat reduction so effective. 

Resistance is a major issue experienced by food companies, and advocates who are looking to promote the idea that eating less meat is better for our health and the planet, but through this conversation Peggy provides priceless advice and strategic methods that can help improve and magnify these efforts. To hear more of these incredible insights and much more from Peggy, listen in!

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