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About Mylk Guys

Mylk Guys is an online grocery store where you can find the vegan version of everything. They have thousands of the best vegan products on the market, including the largest selection of vegan cheeses in the United States and unique products you can't find elsewhere. Mylk Guys ship across the continental U.S., so you can try them whether you live in a big city or a small town. 

Why You Should Listen

In this conversation we talk about

  • Gaurav Maken’s background working at Amazon and Instacart and how and why he launched Mylk Guys.

  • The challenges of building and running an e-commerce platform and why the plant-based food space needs one now.

  • Why plant-based brands need to explore online distribution and how Mylk Guys helps them solve that problem.

  • The current fragmented food manufacturing and distribution system is broken and in desperate need of reinvention.

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