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About Monica Klausner

Monica Klausner is an entrepreneur and sales & marketing executive with a pioneering spirit, and years of experience scaling businesses from inception to record-breaking sales.

She launched her career in Sales at ADP, winning many top regional and national performance awards and accolades. Shortly thereafter, she found herself in the middle of the start-up world where she held lead sales positions with innovative media start-ups, including Bizrate/Shopzilla and LAUNCH Media, which was later acquired by Yahoo! Music. While at Smith Geiger her innovative UI/UX strategies launched a new revenue channel. The UI/UX research filled a need for early and later stage companies to acquire feedback in order to enhance their customers’ experience and increase conversions.

In 2013, Klausner and her brother founded Veestro, a gourmet, plant-based food company that has created major waves in the food technology space with annual sales more than doubling and at a current run rate of several million per year. 

Why You Should Listen

We’ve all experienced the struggle of coming home from a late night at work, opening the fridge and realizing we have absolutely nothing to eat.  This is exactly the problem that led to the creation of Veestro, a plant-based meal delivery service that uses organic ingredients and is completely preservative and GMO free.

In this conversation, we get into:

  • How Monica and her brother Mark went from having careers in sales and investment banking respectively to starting a food company.

  • Learning the ropes and logistics of all that comes with coordinating food production and working with top chefs to develop delicious meals that taste amazing even after being frozen and shipped.

  • Veestro’s marketing strategy and explains why they favor the term “ plant-based” over vegan.

  • How they develop names for meals to appeal to different consumers and various meal plans and how their menu has grown and changed over time.

Monica wants to make healthy, fresh, plant-based food available to everyone and given Veestro’s growth ... and the absolutely delicious food – which I had the chance to taste – I certainly think that goal is within reach.

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