How Media Is Shaping the Future of Food


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About Plant-Based Business Week

Plant-Based Business Week is an online conference that brought together over 30 of the world’s top experts across the entire plant-based industry to share the stories behind the most successful vegan companies, the tactics that work in their field, and the business opportunities opening up as the world moves towards plant-based sources of food, clothing, and raw materials.

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This week’s episode is a bit different than the regular format because I am the one who is being interviewed. In this conversation with Jerry Sever, we get into the important role that media has played in influencing the growth of the plant-based food space. I have always been fascinated with tracking the evolution of media and the technology powering it because of its ability to shape our worldview. The internet leveled the playing field and gave everyone a voice and a distribution channel and smartphones brought all that media to our fingertips everywhere. But this democratization of media production and consumption has given rise to a new problem – an abundance of media creation and consumption. There’s tremendous opportunity here but it’s also a tremendous challenge … how do you get the right information to the right people?

Through my work at One Green Planet, I’ve come to understand how companies in the food space can leverage media to rise above the noise and get their products and brands noticed by consumers. In my conversation with Jerry, I share some of the tips I’ve learned from running a media company and illustrate how these basic strategies can benefit any business that is trying to connect with today’s consumer. When it comes down to it, transparency and a genuine mission are some of the easiest keys to success for new companies – whether you’re in media or the food industry.

We also get into some of my predictions about rising food trends and how new types of technology and mediums of disseminating information will help to form a more enlightened food system.

If you work in the plant-based food space or have any interest in the intersections between our modern food culture and media culture, I certainly hope that you find this episode helpful.

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