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About Matt Tullman

Matt has started, invested in, and advised companies in the education, personal tech, and health industries. He is now focused on ending preventable diseases through plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine. Matt currently serves at the CEO of Alpine Organics and Managing Partner of No Meat Athlete. His ultimate motivation is the “30x30” goal  for 30% of the population to be plant-based by 2030. 

Before joining the plant-based movement, Matt founded The Digital Education Company, also known as “digedu,” which provided proprietary technologies to K-12 schools. Prior starting digedu, Matt served as founding Managing Director of 7wire Ventures, a Chicago-based firm that starts, incubates, and invests growth-capital in businesses addressing the critical issue-areas of health, education, and energy. During his tenure at 7wire, Matt had the privilege of contributing to the development of a variety of businesses, including SoCore Energy, which was sold to Edison International (NYSE: EIX), and more unique ventures, like Ignite Glass Studios. 

Why You Should Listen

Matt Tullman is the CEO of Alpine Organics, a company on a mission to provide every individual who eats plant-based with the knowledge about, and access to, the essential nutrients required to thrive. Their first product, Complement, is a nutrient spray packed with B-12, Vitamin D3, and the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA.

In this conversation, we get into:

  • Matt’s background as an entrepreneur.

  • The major gap in plant-based nutrition and how he turned this into an opportunity through Alpine Organics.

  • The growing connection between personal health and environmental health.

  • His mission to provide solutions for people who are trying to live more sustainably but have struggled with going plant-based.

If you are interested in the growing trends in plant-based nutrition and learning more about how Matt turned his personal passion for health into a growing business, listen in!

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