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About Jim Richards

Jim Richards was born and schooled in New Zealand, and yes, New Zealand is as beautiful as they say it is.  He is a son, husband, father, grandfather, CEO, a cereal innovator, product developer, tree lover (not one of those long haired hippy dippy tree huggers – a tree lover – it’s even more intense) and an avid reader.

Jim has invested his life in producing, eating, branding and selling heathy food.  Jim has produced said healthy food in twelve cities and four countries. He now serveMilkadamia. Milkadamia is made from regeneratively farmed macadamia trees. Regenerative farming, practiced widely enough, promises to give the world some much needed breathing space.

Why You Should Listen

The plant-based milk space has exploded in the past few years. The market is set to hit $16.3 Billion this year and there has been an enormous influx of companies looking to get into this booming industry. While surely there are a number of companies who are just looking to make a fast buck with plant-based milks, for Jim Richards, the CEO of Milkadamia, producing macadamia-based dairy alternatives is about so much more.

In this conversation, Jim talks about:

  • Why Milkadamia’s Australian macadamia nut farms are different than any other commercial producers

  • Milkadamia's regenerative farming techniques.

  • The anti-inflammatory properties of macadamia nuts

  • The challenges and obstacles the company has faced and how they ended up in Illinois.

  • Why he believes values drive consumer buying decisions in addition to price, taste, and convenience.

  • How Milkadamia has incorporated their values into marketing.

  • How they hope to continue to build and expand their brand from plant-based milks and beyond.

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