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About Jenné Claiborne

Jenné Claiborne is the vegan chef and blogger behind Sweet Potato Soul, the blog and YouTube Channel. She is also the author of the newly released Sweet Potato Soul cookbook

Why You Should Listen

In this episode, Jenné and I discuss how she went from being a waitress in a vegan restaurant to a successful cookbook author, YouTuber, and social media influencer featured on the TODAY show. 

Listen in to hear more about: 

  • Jenne’s strategy to build a following on social media

  • How she works with brands

  • Tips and advice she has for people looking to become a food blogger or influencer

  • Why she decided to focus on soul food for her latest cookbook and

  • How she hopes to make an even bigger impact on the world in the years to come.

While her blog fame has undoubtedly helped boost Jenne’s own celebrity, she remains incredibly grounded because she is driven by the sole goal of empowering everyone to reclaim their health and help animals and the planet using plant-based food.

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