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About Jeffrey Harris

Aware of the plight of animals at an early age, Jeffrey Harris stopped eating meat, fish and chicken products at the age of 14.  Now, at 58 years of age, Jeffrey Harris has been a vegetarian for over 43 years and a vegan for over 23 years.  
Twelve years ago Jeffrey began to focus on a problem facing a growing segment of the public. who while preferring to decrease their consumption of animal products, found little in the way of convenient alternatives in their busy daily lives.  With that in mind he set out to create an entirely new restaurant concept: vegan fast-food.  In 2015 he teamed up with Mitch Wallis and Zach Vouga to create Plant Power Fast Food, a new plant-based version of traditional fast-food drive-thru brands like McDonald's, In-N-Out Burger, Jack in the Box and others.  Now, with three restaurants in operation, another opening in January and many more planned, Jeffrey and his partners are focusing on building a nationwide chain of vegan fast-food restaurants to offer a new, healthier, cruelty-free and environmentally sustainable option for the growing number of consumers exploring new food and lifestyle choices. 

Why You Should Listen

In this conversation we get into:

  • Why Jeffrey wanted to start a vegan fast food chain and how he found his co-founders to make it a reality.

  • The changing landscape of fast food and he gives his take on big chains like White Castle and Carls Jr offering plant-based options.

  • Jeffrey also shares his vision for what fast food chains will look like in the next decade, factoring shifting consumer trends.

For Jeffrey, building an incredibly popular vegan fast food chain is not just about the profits, it’s about giving more people access to healthier options that are better for them and the planet. To learn more about how plant-powered fast food plans to do just that, listen in!

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