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About Hungry Planet

Hungry Planet is the first company to develop a full range of premium plant-based meats -- including beef, chicken, pork, turkey, lamb and crab -- that handle, prepare, cook and taste like conventional meat. Developed to delight the demanding tastes of meat lovers and chefs, Hungry Planet's 100% plant-based meats use fewer resources from planet to production enabling us to nourish a hungry planet while feeding our deepest values.

Todd Boyman is Co-Founder & CEO of Hungry Planet. He is an entrepreneur who has worked globally founding and investing in companies ranging from tech to trading to food. He is committed to helping shape the humane economy and fueling new levels of sustained prosperity for all.

Why You Should Listen

In this conversation, Todd Boyman and I discuss:

  • how Hungry Planet got its start way back in 2004;

  • why Hungry Planet chose to start with chefs and food service first as an intentional product and go to market strategy for the company;

  • how the company is self-funded, which makes them look at the space in a different way and be patient and thoughtful about every move they make;

  • how his background as a tech entrepreneur and investor guided his thinking with Hungry Planet;

  • the challenge of bringing about price parity between plant-based meats and conventional meat;

  • differences between an investment and entrepreneurship philosophy for technology vs. the food industry;

  • ….and much more!

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