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About the Fry Family Food Co.

The Fry Family Food Co. (Fry’s) is the leading plant-based brand in South Africa and sell their all plant-based products in over 8,000 stores across 28 countries. They now have more than 40 different products in their range and are finally entering the U.S. market in 2019.

Representing the Fry Family Food Co. on this episode is Tammy Fry, International Marketing Director of the company. Tammy is an avid cross-fitter, a karate black belt, self-defense coach, surfer, public speaker and mom of two boys. She holds the Guinness World Book Record for World’s Youngest Water-skier, she won the Junior World Championships in Karate, and she runs a self defense workshop for women in South Africa and Australia that have been exposed to violence.

Why You Should Listen

In this conversation, Tammy Fry and I discuss:

  • how Fry’s got started;

  • how the Fry’s product line has evolved over the years and what can we expect to see in the US;

  • why Fry’s products are formulated to help break down the taste barrier and appeal to people who may not be willing to try plant-based foods;

  • why global popularity of their products and why they are taking on the challenge of entering the U.S. market at this moment in time;

  • their marketing , distribution and manufacturing plans going forward;

  • ….and much more!

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