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About Charity Morgan

Although Chef Charity has well over 15 years of experience, her calling to become a plant based chef followed as a result of her family’s own transition. That transition paired with her affinity to cook and be creative was the driving force that propelled her into her calling to become a plant based, vegan and transitional chef. As a lover of food, and self proclaimed foodie, her goal is to assist people in making an easy transition from animal products to well balanced plant based meals. She does this by providing nutrient rich and savory easy to follow recipe's along with educating about the benefits an organic, non-gmo, plant based lifestyle has on the body and overall well being.

Chef Charity is most certainly more than a chef as many professional athletes will attest. She currently provides vegan meal preparation to several NFL players and has recently been featured by ESPN highlighting her awesome home made meals that have encouraged athletes to educate themselves, improve their athletic performance as well as their overall health. Chef Charity is extremely enthusiastic about sharing her culinary expertise with the world. Her dedication to the plant life, healthy living and commitment to food and nutrition provide her with an unwavering motivation to teach and bring happy and healthy families to the table.

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Chef Charity is married to Tennessee Titans outside Linebacker, Derrick Morgan, and their family’s decision to transition to a plant-based diet was largely inspired by Derrick. After trying out a plant-based diet and finding it cured some of her own health problems, Charity instantly knew she wanted to use her culinary skills and training to make delicious plant-based food.

Over the course of the past few years, Charity has gone from making plant-based meals for Derrick and a few of his closest teammates to preparing 3 meals a day and snacks for over 17 NFL players during training camp.  

In this conversation, Charity dives into the meals she makes for players who are burning thousands of calories a day and shares real feedback she has gotten from the team. The Titans made it all the way to the playoffs last year and while Charity doesn’t take credit for the teams’ improvement … we can’t help but to think eating plant-based helped give them a bit of an edge.

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