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About Chad Sarno

Chad Sarno is a plant-based chef who is on a mission to get everyone in the world to consume more plants. Throughout his career, Chad has launched six plant-based restaurants in Istanbul, Munich, London and Belgrade, educated young chefs as VP of Plant-Based Wellness at Rouxbe Cooking School and served as the Global Health and Wellness Coordinator and R&D Chef for Whole Foods Market. If that wasn’t enough, he is also one of the creators of the Wicked Healthy brand along with his brother Chef Derek Sarno, and serves as the co-Founder, Executive Chef, and Vice President of Culinary for Good Catch Foods, a company on a mission to create plant-based seafood.

Why You Should Listen

In this conversation, we get into: 

  • How his childhood struggle with asthma led him to discover plant-based food and we get into the story of how his career as a chef grew from there.

  • The exciting launch of Good Catch’s premier product, a plant-based tuna that is not only nutritionally comparable to the real thing but also shelf-stable.

  • Good Catch’s strategic investment plan

  • Why large meat corporations are growing increasingly interested in the plant-based food industry.

Chad has dedicated his career to making the most impact possible by creating delicious plant-based foods, to hear more about how he is helping change the entire landscape of the food industry, listen in!

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