Bruce Friedrich


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About Bruce Friedrich

Bruce Friedrich is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Good Food Institute or GFI, a non-profit that is working to transform animal agriculture by promoting the development of innovative alternatives to meat and seafood. 

Why You Should Listen

Bruce has been a guest on episode three of the #EatForThePlanet podcast and introduced us to GFI’s work with plant-based meat companies and cellular agriculture, or clean meat, startups.

In this conversation, Bruce and I dive deep into:

  • What it will take to transform our current food system into a more just and sustainable one.

  • Policy hurdles and consumer perception of clean meat.

  • How growing awareness has helped benefit the meat alternative market

  • why he doesn’t believe subsidies for the meat and dairy industry need to change for alternatives to become price comparable.

If you are as fascinated with the growing plant-based and clean meat market as I am and looking to understand more about the forces at play that can make or break it’s future, listen in!

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