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About Gene Stone

Gene Stone is an acclaimed author who has written more than 45 books on a wide variety of subjects and co-authored national bestsellers such as Forks Over Knives and How Not to Die. He is also a former book and magazine editor. You can read more about Gene on his website here, and follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Why You Should Listen

Gene and I dive deep into what it was like to write Eat For The Planet in this candid conversation. Some of the things we cover include:

  • How we met and decided to write a book about the connection between food and the environment.

  • The book publishing business and process to take our idea and turn it into a book.

  • What the book covers and what we hope it achieves

  • Our thoughts on the state of the food system and how we hope it changes in the future.

People/Companies/Resources Mentioned in This Episode

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