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About Bill Glaser

Bill Glaser is an entrepreneur; financier; and investor who’s raised over $200 Million including $40 Million for companies he’s founded; has taken several companies public; and has been involved with 2 companies that had $100 Million+ exits. Currently, Bill is founder and CEO of Outstanding Foods which makes tasty as hell plant-based food products that make it easier for anyone to eat healthier.  Outstanding Foods is launching is initial products, Pig Out pigless bacon chips that are 100% plant-based and taste just like crispy bacon

Why You Should Listen

I recently had the pleasure of meeting up with Bill in the Outstanding Food’s office to learn more about his plans to disrupt the bacon industry and of course, to sample some of his delicious plant-based bacon chips.

In this conversation, we get into:

  • Bill’s background as an entrepreneur and how starting a food company differs from launching any other kind of business.

  • His vision for Outstanding Foods, including plans to expand Pig Out from chips to bacon strips and even bacon cheese – plant-based of course.

  • His plans to create chicken and steak chips and expand all the way into the meat alternative space.

Bill wants to make products that can transcend what he calls the “vegan chorus” and appeal to everyone. In his view, bacon chips aren’t just a super delicious snack, they are a gateway to a healthier population and a more balanced planet.

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