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About Ari Nessel

Ari seeks to live this life cognizant of the ripples his choices have, both for good and for harm.  His primary practices are mindfulness, plant-based eating, engaged philanthropy, small acts of kindness and transformational entrepreneurship. Recent projects include hosting meditation retreats for activists, founding The Pollination Project and The Farmed Animal Funders, developing 3MW of solar energy, and co-creating a gift-based retreat center. Ari remains constantly challenged to live his life in alignment with his values, and to utilize the numerous privileges he has been given to turn seeds into blossom and blossom into fruit. 

Why You Should Listen

Ari Nessel is an investor and philanthropist who is on a mission to transform the way we relate to our food and one another by funding companies and projects that are actively working to disrupt factory farming.

In this conversation, we get into:

  • How to be effective in communicating your mission to reach the most people.

  • The role of Effective Altruism in creating change.

  • How to balance the demands and draining effects of working to change the food system through meditation and a gratitude practice.

  • His work in investing and how he hopes to change the food system through the companies he funds.

  • How he is working with organizations and corporations to implement meat reduction strategies.

  • The advice that he often gives to advocates about overcoming differences to further their goals.

People/Companies/Resources Mentioned in This Episode

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