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About 50by40

50by40is a global, collective impact organization aiming to cut the global production and consumption of industrialized animal agriculture by 50% by 2040. 

Lasse Bruun, the Global Director of 50by40 has been an advocacy specialist and leader in climate and energy, sustainable agriculture and animal rights for twenty years, with deep experience in mobilization, communication, campaigning and movement building. 

Why You Should Listen

In this conversation we talk about

  • Lasse’s background and why he’s leading 50by40

  • What is 50by40’s mission and how they are planning to go about achieving it

  • The range of solutions that could help us get to 50by40’s goal, from plant-based and cell-based meat to regenerative agriculture. 

  • What the just transition of our food system will look like and what the impact will be on jobs, human health, animals, and the environment.

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